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Oh Hey!

Welcome to Modjewel! We are reimagining how handbags are designed by making you part of the creative process. Inspired by vintage ephemera and artful geometry, our “modules” can be swapped out so you can create true pieces of art that evolve from brunch to cocktails.

For two years, Modjewel researched, prototyped and perfected a sustainable handbag system that allows for a completely transformable look through Modjewel’s patent-pending Clasp and Shell mechanisms - thanks to shielded internal magnets (engineered not to interfere with credit cards), changing the exterior of the Modjewel bag is as simple as removing the Shell, wrapping a new cover around it and placing it back on the Bare Bag. In addition, Clasps can be released and swapped out with a simple click of a button.



Modjewel handbags are also functional - the Bare Bag accommodates a woman’s daily essentials and its interior features a center divider with room for cash and credit cards while side pockets can store lipstick and other small items. In addition, Modjewel’s packaging system offers Smart Pouches that allow components to be neatly organized while allowing items to be visible. The end result is a handbag crafted to the same high standards as most designer brands, but that is completely customizable, sustainable and functional.

Our products are designed by women for women and we believe in releasing very few products that are well thought out and meticulously crafted so that women can create a Modjewel Clutch that suits their own unique style.

We believe we are starting a movement that celebrates every woman’s creativity and style. We like to think of our handbags as ever changeable pieces of art that are as adaptable as the modern woman today.